Being a Stakeholder
of Global Development
and Excellency
in the Profession

As the Institute of Internal Auditing - Turkey, we believe that for all our national institutions and organizations to be competitive in the international arena, they should have a governance structure that pays attention to common sense and solution-oriented thinking, be open to creative ideas, create and support change with a different perspective. To that end, in the last 5 years of our conferences that we have been organizing for twenty-five years, we have hosted leading opinion leaders, business people, academics and senior company executives both in our country and in various countries of the world, as well as professional professionals. Our biggest motivation in this regard is to enable Internal Audit professionals, who are referred as the insurance of corporate management, to better understand the expectations of board of directors, subcommittees, and senior management and to raise their awareness.

When we consider the pandemic, global climate change, migration waves, and supply problems, whose effects have been felt much more deeply in the last two years, we realize that we are faced with the risk of a new crisis that can affect the lives of millions of people almost at any time. While our interventions in the current crises provide partial solutions, the future is now shaped by a construct where we will move forward by managing ever-increasing uncertainties. Determining the theme of this year’s conference as “Adaptation to the Unpredictable: Survival or Revival?” by considering the mentioned new social order, which has not taken its final form yet and makes sustainability a requirement, we invite all stakeholders of the business world to come together under the guidance of common sense at day-long sessions on 15-16 December 2021.

Take your place at the International Turkey Internal Audit Conference, which was attended by more than 1,400 professionals, business people and academics from different sectors last year, before it's too late!